Have you been Dreaming of Flying? Stop dreaming and start flying!

New Orleans Flight Club is the best place in NOLA to learn to fly, fly for fun, or build those sweet sweet hours. 

 Important:  For a limited time only, new members get their first 30 minute lesson FREE.

Important:  For a limited time only, new members get their first 30 minute lesson FREE. 

Sign Up To Get the Benefits of the Club:

Learn from the Best:

We connect you with amazing Part 61 flight instructors. Our member CFIs are very passionate about aviation and safety. They will teach you to fly and make sure you are the best pilot you can be.

Easy Booking:

We make booking planes and instructors easy for you. Our online platform lets you easily get on the schedule and fly on your own time.

Safety First:

Go through extensive safety training to ensure a smooth flight.

Community Matters:

Become part of the aviation community.  New Orleans Flight Club hosts community events so you can bond with your fellow pilots and share learnings.

Meet some of our success stories

They've learned to fly


"I can't thank the New Orleans Flight club enough for getting me back in the air! Best decision I've made was joining the club"

Clinton (Club CFI)

"I love being able to give back to the aviation community by teaching people in the way they learn best, not the way that makes the Flight Schools the most money."


"To me flying represents meditation.  Being able to clear your mind and view the world from a different perspective is so rewarding."

Help us build the future of aviation

More airplanes to fly.

Airplane owners can bring their planes into the club to rent to members, what this means for you is access to more and more planes in the future!

Freedom for Flight Instructors.

We empower Certified Flight Instructors by connecting them with more students. This allows instructors to do what they love without being tied to just one school.

We believe in technology

We are building an app to make our club accessible everywhere  in a way no traditional flight school can match!

Expand with us

NOLA is only the first market, imagine being able to rent a plane when you visit the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains... the more people join the stronger the Flight Club becomes.  

Joseph's Story

Why the NOLA Flight club was born. 

I've dreamed of being a pilot since I was a little kid, the idea of total freedom up in the skies has been an ever present motivation for me.  Unfortunately life always managed to get in the way and the reality was that flight schools were rigid and expensive.
When I finally found myself in a position to try getting my license, I enrolled in a local flight school. I was very disappointed in the way it worked. It was unfriendly, uncaring and not flexible enough for my needs. I knew there had to be a better way.
 Now maybe this was already evident to you, but I'm the type of person who has never settled for "that doesn't exist" If something can make the world better, and someone has the idea and capacity to build it they should.  And thus The New Orleans Flight Club was born.


I started reaching out to pilots and people that loved aviation to ask what they thought the best way to experience aviation would look like.  It was clear from the overwhelming response that building a marketplace for aviation and a strong community experience would create massive value for everyone.  

I DEEPLY believed in this idea!  I emptied my 401k and bought a plane, filed patents, and found flight instructors that wanted to be a part of our exciting community - and we took off!

Now this is where you come in!  We're at a point where we're looking to expand in NOLA and eventually to other cities making the situation better for all pilots and allowing members to fly on their own terms.
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